Making your design visions reality

Whatever style you like, many of us find it challenging to make the vision in our head a reality in our home.   We ‘kind of’ know what we want but we don’t know where to start.  We don’t have the time or the energy.  Whatever is your design obstacle, I can help.  I call my business East of Waco because I have a lot of Joanna Gaines in me.  I’m heartbroken too that she’s not going to be our design guru any longer.  But it does free up our Tuesday nights right?  God gave me a wonderful talent similiar to hers — I have a great sense of vision.  Let’s take a look at your Pinterest pages, walk your house or room and see what comes to mind.  Let’s see what needs to be done to achieve your vision.    May be simplier than you think!

Now, how am I going to save you time and money?  God also gave me wonderful talents of sewing and building.   Decorators use middlemen and add a markup to pay for their design services and make a profit.  Normally when using a design service the decorator sends your design order — pillows, drapes, slipcovers, or whatever to a workroom for fabrication.  With my business I eliminate the middlemen about 90% of the time by doing the work myself.  I only get paid when I make something or do something for you.  All of your design money goes to bringing home a new item or getting a change in your home.  I do consultations too for an hourly fee.  When you’re ready to put some of the suggestions in motion I get to work.

Check out the BEFORES and AFTERS in the blog posts below to see some of the magic!  All of the work on this site was done by myself in my own workroom.  I have the scars to prove all of it! 🙂  Whether its reupholstering or sewing or building, I can probably do it.   Let’s see what magic we can create at your house!  We’ll make Chip and Joanna proud!