Give Thanks Banner

Not just at this time of year, right? I seriously would keep this up allll year if people wouldn’t think I was cookoo. 🤷‍♀️ I may have to think of a banner that I can keep up all year. I’ll get baack to you on that……….

Everything for this banner comes from…..if you know me, you know the answer! Hobby Lobby!!!!! Doesn’t take a lot of items and, again, one stop shopping! You’re sooo welcome!😉

The basics: banner discs, 4 coordinating designs of scrapbook paper, the leaves, set of cardboard letters, craft paint and brushes, rubber cement, fine twine and the rope below. Isn’t it great that there are no duplicate letters in the phrase ‘give thanks’ so you only need one set of letters! 🙌

First things first, paint the letters in coordinating colors and let dry. Meanwhile, go ahead and cover the banner disks with the scraping paper. Trace the disks and cut out using an Exacto knife. I think you better a cleaner cut than with scissors. Use rubber cement to attach the paper to the disks. Using rubber cement keeps the paper from getting soggy and crinkle.

Once the disks and letters are dry attach the letters. I did take a fine tip Sharpie and outline the orange letters for an added touch.

Now time to attach the disks to the rope twine. The disks have 2 small holes already prepunched. Measure how long you want your bannner to be and cut the rope twine to that length. You may want to lay out the letters and the deired length and ensure things will fit well. After cutting the rope twine be sure to use tape to ‘seal’ off the ends to prevent unraveling. Cut 3″ pieces of fine twine and thread through the disk holes and tie disks on to the rope twine, spacing appropriately.

Place the leaves in between the disks, mixing up the colors. The leaves have a metal hook on the back (thank you Hobby Lobby!!) for easy hanging.

Hang and enjoy!

And remember… give thanks!

Take care and stay tuned for the next project! (P.S. Sooooooo many ideas for Christmas I can barely stand it!!)


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Author: Jennifer Stambek-Stephens

I am one of those people that has spent their adult life saying "How hard can it be????". If you combine that with a frugalness, that is exceeded only by my younger daughter, you have a combination that is often very successful but not without its 'ooops' moments. ;-) I've never wanted to spend the money to hire a professional so I learned how to do things myself. I wanted crown molding, too expensive, so I learned how to do it. Same thing with building, landscaping, painting, lighting, sewing, yada yada -- you get where I'm going with this I'm sure. :-) I have the tools and the experience for so many projects. Through this site I am sharing my skills and lessons learned to help others develop that "How hard can it be??" spirit in your home. If you want it, have been dreaming about, lusting after your friends version, posted a million posts of it to your Pinterest board --let's make it happen and within your budget. I'm a decorator AND the creator -- no middleman markup. I'm running out of projects in my house, (short of building an addition!) so lets get to work on yours! Whether it's slipcovers, new window treatments, making that dining room table look like it DID come from RH or helping you develop your own style I would be thrilled and honored to assist!

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