French Baby Chair


As you may have noticed from another post I have a chair fetish.  I’m in the 12-step recovery program but I don’t know if I can be saved frankly!!  And not really sure I WANT to be saved.  There is NO shortage of adorable little chairs in this world and maybe I WAS put on this planet to give them a home……idk!!

This little cutie-pie was found in an antique store in CA and I had to have it shipped home.  (The downside to free time when you travel for work — finding treasures you gotta get home somehow!!)  It’s only 3 feet high, not sure who or what it was made for but it’s getting a facelift and going in the kids bunk room, check out the post on this blog. My sweet baby granddaughter will love to sit at the vanity and brush her hair.  She’s just a baby still though, so……………

Hmmmmmm, what should I call her?

I love how it already has the ‘chippy’ paint technique in a lovely neutral color. I stripped off all of the old fabric. Have to say those staples were in there SOLID! I’m not sure where I found the fabric for the back of the chair. Most likely in some random place and set it aside for ‘that’ great find. Taaaa daaaa! Found it!

Not sure if I was just feeling lazy the day I worked on this chair. I was trimming off the fabric on the seat and thought “why not leave it a little ragged on the edges??”, so I did! I like how it frayed. BTW, the fabric on the seat is Lowe’s drop cloth. Finished off the border with trim and nail heads.

The dresser is also an antique. Still debating whether I should paint it…..

Take care and stay tuned for the next project!


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