Give Thanks Banner

Not just at this time of year, right? I seriously would keep this up allll year if people wouldn’t think I was cookoo. 🤷‍♀️ I may have to think of a banner that I can keep up all year. I’ll get baack to you on that……….

Everything for this banner comes from…..if you know me, you know the answer! Hobby Lobby!!!!! Doesn’t take a lot of items and, again, one stop shopping! You’re sooo welcome!😉

The basics: banner discs, 4 coordinating designs of scrapbook paper, the leaves, set of cardboard letters, craft paint and brushes, rubber cement, fine twine and the rope below. Isn’t it great that there are no duplicate letters in the phrase ‘give thanks’ so you only need one set of letters! 🙌

First things first, paint the letters in coordinating colors and let dry. Meanwhile, go ahead and cover the banner disks with the scraping paper. Trace the disks and cut out using an Exacto knife. I think you better a cleaner cut than with scissors. Use rubber cement to attach the paper to the disks. Using rubber cement keeps the paper from getting soggy and crinkle.

Once the disks and letters are dry attach the letters. I did take a fine tip Sharpie and outline the orange letters for an added touch.

Now time to attach the disks to the rope twine. The disks have 2 small holes already prepunched. Measure how long you want your bannner to be and cut the rope twine to that length. You may want to lay out the letters and the deired length and ensure things will fit well. After cutting the rope twine be sure to use tape to ‘seal’ off the ends to prevent unraveling. Cut 3″ pieces of fine twine and thread through the disk holes and tie disks on to the rope twine, spacing appropriately.

Place the leaves in between the disks, mixing up the colors. The leaves have a metal hook on the back (thank you Hobby Lobby!!) for easy hanging.

Hang and enjoy!

And remember… give thanks!

Take care and stay tuned for the next project! (P.S. Sooooooo many ideas for Christmas I can barely stand it!!)


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It’s Fall Y’all!!

I know, I know that phrase is sooooo overdone. But at least I didn’t say, and won’t, anything about pumpkin spice!!! Right?

Fall is definitely here and the weather is sooo beautiful. Time to do the front porch. Luuuuuv that I can enjoy it for 2 whole months.

So I have a confession……the flowers are from Micheals. I have a large yard and lots of beds to tend to in the Spring and Summer. By the time Fall arrives folks, I’m tired! I’m tired of planting, watering and tending. I just stick these in the pots and just like Halloween magic — poof! Flowers that don’t fade complain or get worn out. Gosh! I really feel better for getting that out in the open!! Had I known I would have fessed up earlier.

I’m too cheap to buy urns so I made them from a black mop bucket and desk accessory from Dollar Tree. The tutorial is posted below, scroll down.
Foyer — Welcome!!

Can we possibly say enough good things about Hobby Lobby and their selection of decorations? I agree — not possible!! BTW if you’re ever in OKC, OK go to their sample warehouse out by the airport.

I couldnt decide between this sign and the companion sign that had a orange background and said HARVEST. I got it out to the car and noticed, whaaaaaat???, the sign is reversible!!!!! I got both of them! Great HL trip.

Tea lights in hurricane candles look beautiful at night. I place a small white plate over the top of the candle to prevent rain from getting in.
Window wreaths I made of corn cobs and grapevine stars.

Banister trim. Found the boxwood vines at Hobby Lobby.

Dining room. See my post on Thanksgiving Table Runner DIY!

Now, how to construct the pumpkin topiary. I’ve always loved the three-tier topiaries and kick myself every year when they’re all gone. Because, of course, I would only buy them on clearance sale after the season is gone. And……so are they!

And of course they’re waterproof!

Start with the black bucket and desk accessory. These are from the Dollar Tree. Of course each were a $1. Woohoo, without saying. First, remove the handle.

You will also need a grapeview wreath and three faux pumpkins of graduated sizes and some other decorations of your liking. These little pumpkin lovelies are from, where else?…… Hobby Lobby. I personally love them becasue they look legit. I’m not into the ones that don’t have color variations and. Just. Plain. Orange. is a dead give-away they’re fake.

You will glue the wire pieces to the bottom of the buckets. You could also drill holes in the bottom of the bucket and use craft wire to attach the wire bowls to the bucket.

Drill holes into the sides of the bucket, or use the holes from where you removed the wire handle. Using craft wire attach the grapevine wreath to the top of the bucket. Be sure and get a wreath in a larger diameter than the top of the bucket so the spout will be covered. See below and see how the spout is covered by the wreath. Plus, it will be on the back side.

Remove the stems from all but the top pumpkin. Next using hot glue place the pumpkins on top of each other, securing well. I added magnolia leaves and raffia. You can go as crazy as you like or as simple as you like. Keep in mind the outdoor elements can affect any decorations you add. Yep I need to get a porch cover….. add it to the list.

Voila! Happy Fall y’all! Now….. go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte!! You earned it! 😂 (sorry…… couldn’t resist!)

Take care and stay tuned for the next poject!


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