Dropcloth Slipcovers

Destined for their beach house. Lucky duckies!!

No!…… they do not have paint splattered all over them. However, that could be kind of cool! Just thinking out loud…

Anywho, I digress…. Dropcloths from your fav home improvement store make wonderful and very durable slipcover material. You may want to look at one of my past posts and see exactly what I mean when I talk slipcovers. Think Pottery Barn NOT Walmart. Slipcovers can make a huge difference no matter what fabric you choose, but if you’re looking to save a few dimes (actually hundreds of them) dropcloths are a great way to go. A word of caution….keep in mind the look you’re going for before choosing this route. Beach house, farm house, french country farmhouse, kid-friendly decor etc is perfect. If your chairs and sofa are predominately Louis the 14th and NOT for actually sitting on I’d say let’s go down a different road.

Our sofa to begin with — it’s lovely and well made. It is in their house right now but will be making it’s way to the beach house. This client rents out their beach house so spills happen….. 😢😒

Slipcovers are fitted to your furniture to match exactly — NO elastic! For dropcloth slipcovers it’s best to Scotchguard them for protection. Additionally, prewash the fabric before cutting out pattern pieces and be sure to overlock the edges as dropcloth fabric can frey when washed.

Slipcovers do not have to cost a lot and can totally change the look of a good sofa. They aren’t cheap so if the furniture lacks good bones (aka it is cheap furntiture) probably not a good idea to slipcover. Better idea to invest in a new sofa. 🤷‍♀️

Take care and stay tuned for the next project!


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