Thanksgiving Table Runner DIY

Can we possibly be more excited to decorate for the holidays??!! Yes ma’am! I am!

DIY burlap table runner

First it’s Thanksgiving and then Christmas — luv, luv, luv this time of year. I admit I do go a little overboard on the decorations on these 2 holidays — 😎. But the other holidays of the year…..frankly… at our house you would think its just a plain Jane Tuesday. So I sort of give myself permission to go a little cra-cra at Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Truth be told?….. suuuuuper excited to get November over with so I can put up the Christmas Decorations! Just sayin’….🤷‍♀️ )

This post is about Thanksgiving table decor and making it your ‘own’! It’s about uniqueness and personalization. And… of course… doing it all on a few dimes, not dollars! Yes, actually, it will cost a few dollars but you get my drift…

Love the gold chargers! Hobby Lobby – 2 bucks each. It’s subtle but there’s a hint of gold paint pen accent on the runner to match up with the chargers.

Let’s get started………

First, gather all the ‘stuff’ you will need for the table runner. And, yes of course, it’s all from Hobby Lobby! See…. I’m making it easy for you! 😉

I used cardboard cut out letter stencils, just because I had them. Actually, quite handy to have a set. Problem is there are sooo many cute fonts! One can’t possibly have a set of them all. Answer? Uhmmmm…… a Cricut (Santa are you listening??) 🤞 Print a letter on your computer in font size 400, or so, and cut out the letter template using an Exacto knife. This gives you a pattern to trace on to the runner.

Measure the table, lengthwise. I let the runner drape off the ends about 6 inches. Cut the runner to desired length.

Sew or hot glue the ribbon along the edges and ends. I placed the ribbon about 3″ from the end of the runner so I could “fringe” the ends. This particular ribbon was of the wired variety so I had to remove it by simply pulling on the wire. If you’re hot gluing , use it sparingly so the glue doesn’t seep through the ribbon.

Lay the runner on your table to determine where to add the monogram. I used safety pins to mark the upper and lower borders. Repeat for the other end. Be sure to allow for the place setting at the ends of the table.

Lay your stencil, centered, on the runner. Using a Sharpie of the same color as your paint, trace the stencil. Using a black Sharpie would have been very hard to hide with paint.

I added the leaves design and measured from the same place on both sides of the ‘S’ so the stencil would be equi-distant on each side.

I placed freezer paper, but anything will do, under the runner to protect my work table. Secured the paper to the runner with safety pins, but not sure now if that’s really necessary.

Using the craft paint and appropriate brush, paint the design. Go heavy with the paint so to fill up the holes in the burlap. I did 3 coats.I love the shimmer in the ribbon so decided to outline the design with a gold paint pen. It’s subtle but it’s just enought to finish it off!

Time to set the table!! I love chargers! At my house holiday meals are always served as a buffet in the kitchen. Plates are stacked at the buffet. The table always looks so sad all dressed up but no plates. 😢 Chargers turn that frown upside down! And they’re cheap! Two bucks! This table I used gold and burnt orange from Hob Lob.

Happy holidays to all! May it be blessed and meaningful for your whole family.

Take care!


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