Now don’t be saying “eeewwww”! Don’t think slipcovers from Walmart think slipcovers from Pottery Barn, RH, Ballard Designs etc. Thanks to our friends there slipcovers are chic, ‘in’ and just dang practical.

I just finished this slipcover for a sofa that was decent in construction, a good size and actually quite comfy! Thing is furniture made today is no where as good as that made years ago. I just gave my 30 year old sofa to my youngest for her first ‘big girl apartment’. It has been slipcovered 3 different times.

This number came from my boyfriends house and was perfect to fill the void left by the 30 year old sofa.

Before! How many recognize this fabric πŸ˜‰ Was quite popular in its day.

To make a custom slipcover I promise you there isn’t one inch of elastic!It is pin-fit to your actual sofa as below:

Cushions are custom made to fit the exact measurements of the cushions.

For the body of the sofa fabric is pin fit all the way around for a tight custom fit. They can be removed at any time. For this particular sofa I actually stapled the slipcover to the bottom of the sofa frame for an upholstered look. It is rarely used and chances are slim that a spill etc will occur.

The fabric I used is tough as nails so there’s a long future for this sofa. It’s from Joannes. Fabrics can be expensive or they can made out of heavy duty drop cloths from Lowes or HD. Just depends on what you are looking for and how the sofa gets used.

Labor prices are calculated by the foot and include expert fitting and sewing but not fabric.

Pretty much anything can be slip covered. Here is a chair I got for free, well built and comfy.

It’s upholstered underneath, cover just slips off.

Author: Jennifer Stambek-Stephens

I am one of those people that has spent their adult life saying "How hard can it be????". If you combine that with a frugalness, that is exceeded only by my younger daughter, you have a combination that is often very successful but not without its 'ooops' moments. ;-) I've never wanted to spend the money to hire a professional so I learned how to do things myself. I wanted crown molding, too expensive, so I learned how to do it. Same thing with building, landscaping, painting, lighting, sewing, yada yada -- you get where I'm going with this I'm sure. :-) I have the tools and the experience for so many projects. Through this site I am sharing my skills and lessons learned to help others develop that "How hard can it be??" spirit in your home. If you want it, have been dreaming about, lusting after your friends version, posted a million posts of it to your Pinterest board --let's make it happen and within your budget. I'm a decorator AND the creator -- no middleman markup. I'm running out of projects in my house, (short of building an addition!) so lets get to work on yours! Whether it's slipcovers, new window treatments, making that dining room table look like it DID come from RH or helping you develop your own style I would be thrilled and honored to assist!

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